sábado, 5 de julio de 2008

Roll along; there's nothing to see here.

I'm sure that by now, everyone knows that Spain won.

After an overnight train to Frankfurt, waiting around in Chicago all day, I've finally made it back home (with a sweet tax refund from the Spanish government to boot.) If you're heading to Madrid anytime soon, you might check out a few favorite places. And while you're at it, why don't you join the community as well?

If that's not your thing, then I have a few other choice links that may provide some sort of information and/or entertainment:

Vegan Foodism - Pretty self-explanatory, no?
No Good For Me - Witty fashion/pop culture blog.

Or maybe you want to read:

Or perhaps you'd much rather find the closest body of water and relax. In any case, thanks for reading, and wish me luck as I prepare for the next chapter. As a friend says, "Viva poor grad student life!"

2 comentarios:

veganfoodism dijo...

hey c! thanks for the shout out and please start up a new blog! thanks.

MLE dijo...

Wait a second. There was no Spanish refund awaiting me upon my return. Andalucía doesn't know what in the hell is going on most of the time though...